Utah-Based Star Citizen Organization

Uinta Enterprises is a Utah-based player organization in Star Citizen.

What are our goals in Star Citizen?

Our organization is unique because, instead of seeking out members focused on a particular playing style, our membership is made up of Star Citizens who are either residents in the state of Utah or have strong connections to the state. This geographic proximity allows for consistent playing times that don’t need to span time-zones, and helps promote a camaraderie that exists outside the game through the attendance of the Utah Bar Citizen meetups.

Do I need to be a Utah Resident to Join?

Living in Utah is not a requirement for joining Uinta Enterprises, but much of our membership participates in real-world events around Utah like the monthly Utah Bar Citizen meetups. These events are optional but can often involve official discussions related to organization business. Regardless of your particular geography, we welcome all players that are interested in a reasonable, collaborative game experience.

How do I join?

If you are interested in joining, you can visit our Official Organization page on the RSI Website or join one of our available discord servers.