Cloud Imperium Games delivered a couple of gifts this holiday weekend starting with the Squadron 42 “Vertical Slice” demo. The Vertical Slice is An in-game test bed of all their developing technologies where they can be put to the test – one mission where they can throw everything at you, including the kitchen sink! We saw a bunch of features we’re excited to be able to start playing!

Watch the Vertical Slice demo here!

Just before the holiday weekend, they pushed Alpha version 3.0 from PTU to the live servers. 3.0 brings together procedural planets, mission systems, and the first iterations of the dynamic economy. This is the first push to a quarterly release schedule, with the Evocati/PTU previews lasting about 4 weeks before each quarterly release.

The live release brings a lot of exciting features. Watch for some of the upcoming live stream events where we put the new game mechanics to the test!